American Dream ~ Pre-Reading Reflections

1. What is the American Dream?

I think the American Dream has changed over time. Initially, the American Dream represented the pursuit of material prosperity and unrealistic goals of instant and easy wealth. People often overlooked individuality and hard work, and desired acceptance and material goods instead. However, today, I think the idea of the American Dream means much more than fancy cars, big houses, and loads of money.  The American Dream has become less focused on financial gain and more focused on living a simple and fulfilling life. It’s the idea that anyone can succeed through hard work and that everyone has the potential to live happy and make individual choices. The American Dream has become something to work for, not a shortcut to wealth.

2. Is fiction sometimes more effective than fact to convey the “truth”?

Yes, I think fiction is sometimes more effective than fact to convey the truth because fiction can teach a reader many things about life that non-fiction, or fact, can overlook. In my opinion, fiction does more to show the truth on human feelings, thoughts, and ideas because it helps you understand different point of views and exposes you to things in life that you may not be aware of.

3. What is the purpose of a Tall Tale?

A Tall Tale is an exaggerated story about a larger-than-life character that can be fictional or based on a real person. I think the purpose of Tall Tales is to influence people to believe exaggerated stories, wether they’re based on actual events or not. Many newspapers during the late ninteenth century used yellow journalism by publishing exaggerations of news events in order to get more people to read and buy their paper. I think yellow journalism was similar to the telling of tall tales in the sense that they both used exaggerated information and unrealistic details.


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