Texas wildfires rage from border to border

Texas firefighters continue to battle raging wildfires that sweep the state and have burned more than one million acres so far. The fires are said to have been created due to one of the worst droughts of the century, extremely high temperatures, and gusting winds, all of which are ideal conditions for wildfires to spread.

A wildfire threatens a home in Strawn, Texas.

Several towns have been evacuated after more than 200 homes have been destroyed, and flames are now close to one of the state’s largest cities, Fort Worth. As Sarah Wheaton stated in her New York Times article, “one of the biggest fires, covering parts of Stephens and Palo Pinto Counties, about 100 miles west of Dallas, has destroyed at least 31 homes and threatened more than 600. Four smaller fires converged into one, known as the Possum Kingdom Complex, to cover about 147,065 acres.”
Stated in a BBC News article was a letter to President Obama sent by Gov. Rick Perry, requesting federal emergency assistance and stating that the fires have threatened or had affected all but two of Texas’ 254 counties. In response to this letter, firefighters from more than 34 states nationwide are involved in helping combat these fires. Planes have been dropping water and fire retardant on the burning areas while firefighers submerge threatened homes. Weather forecasters predict a 30% chance of rain over the next few days which could possibly ease conditions, but as of now the Texas Forest Service is currently fighting more than 20 active fires across the state, which continue to grow and are showing no signs of stopping anytime soon.





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